Automotive Products

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Our vehicle speed monitoring devices has everything you need. With the famous CarChip and multi-awarded DriveRight your car’s data is just a mouse click away. The data includes trip time, distance traveled, hard accelaration/decelaration, stop times and you can even have the historical GPS data. But if your main concern is purely setting, monitoring and enforcing the allowed maximum vehicle speed limits then we strongly recommend to use either VCOUNT-II and our newest product SpeedSpy (cost effective and easy to use).

Weather Products

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Our state-of-the-art weather stations provides accuratereliable weather monitoring, and easy-to-install systems. It gives you all the weather data you need for home useeducationboatingindustrialagricultural and others. You’ll see current weather conditions, including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point, rainfall and more.

GPS Products

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Our GPS tracking devices are designed for tracking and protecting people, assets and animals both real and historical time. With these advance technologies tracking are made easy through the use of accurate and effective GPS mapping technologies such as Google MapsGoogle Earth and Virtual Earth. These devices will work anywhere in the world and your exact locations can be shown either in a satellite view or 3D terrain of those mapping technologies.

Various Products

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Under this category resides our high technology competitive products like Eyeon Surveillance Camera System, Versax 828c speed dome camera, Parallax products and many more. The Versax 828c Speed Dome Camera is the newest IP technogy camera that gives you an excellent quality video, 18x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom, and no neccessary port forwarding. For a few minutes you will be able to see your camera on the internet at anywhere in the world with fast real-time video streaming.