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Our automotive line features vehicle monitoring systems for logging engine and driver performance, troubleshooting problems, and keeping tabs on how and when your vehicles are being driven. Whether you’re a fleet manager or a parent with teen drivers, a professional mechanic or a do-it-yourself-er models can help you save time, money and worry.

What is SpeedSpy

Publish on December,22 2014 Comments(0)
SpeedSpy is a product from Apexs and ideal for customers seeking a cost effective solution for Setting, Monitoring and Enforcing the maximum allowed speeds for motor vehicles. It can be used in ALL light vehicles (cars, small trucks, SUV's and vans) manufactured since 1996. It is simply plugged into the vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC)…Read More

Timed Engine Shut Off

Publish on August,21 2018 Comments(0)
Introducing: Timed Engine Shut Off (TESO) So you come into this page and want to know about this Timed Engine Shut Off or shall we say in short as TESO. What is TESO? What does it do? TESO means Timed Engine Shut Off. TESO can protect and extend the life of your diesel powered and turbo…Read More

V-Count II

Publish on April,11 2018 Comments(0)
What is V-Count II ? Our V-Count II (way of Vehicle Speed Sensor) will set a speed limit in your vehicle and will monitor how many times your driver exceeded that speed. Automobile accidents are the #1 killer of America’s teens. The vast majority of these accidents are the result of poor driving habits. Peer…Read More
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